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  • Lake Placid Mountain
  • Brooklyn Bridge NY
  • Police memorial Parade Albany 2018
  • New York City Skyline 2018 Conference
  • Statue of Liberty



Video clips like this, public service announcements for TV and radio,
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To help you with your High Visibility Enforcement planning for Impaired Driving Enforcement Crackdowns and Campaigns…

  • Call to Action – how you can increase the visibility and effectiveness of law enforcement efforts in confronting impaired driving
  • Crime Crash Clock – statistics to help you determine deployment of resources
  • High Profile Arrest Press Release – notification of a high profile arrest
  • Partnership Press Release – notification of law enforcement officials and prosecutors joining together to stop impaired driving, protect lives and save futures.

NHTSA Resources for a Successful Crackdown:

Here are some radio PSAs:

Partner Program