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Children of Incarcerated Parents A Resource for New York Law Enforcement

Policy Resources

A resource for police agencies to assist parents in custody. A poster and brochure are designed to increase both the awareness and ability to make arrangements for child case during their short-term or long-term incarceration:

Downloadable poster for booking/processing area—message: Tell the officer if you have children that need care. Pick one:imageimage

Version 1 (at right): includes “Officer will allow you to make calls for child care.”

Version 2 (at left): includes, “Be sure to ask officer to allow you to make calls for care of children.”


Downloadable brochure (at right) for parents in custody. Forms are included for parents to appoint a caregiver for their child. Includes contact information for support services for parents, children and caregivers. Use this in combination with one of the posters, above.

[Print onto legal size paper and fold. Copies also available from New York State Permanent Judicial Commission on Justice for Children.]

Other Resources

Partner Program