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APB Podcast

New York Chiefs APB Podcast: All Points Bulletin
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APB 085 Fatal Crashes

Part 9 of 12: Traffic deaths require prompt and comprehensive reporting. Learn how your reports make a difference.


APB 084 Public Property Damaged in Crashes

Part 8 of 12: Accuracy in reporting damage to public property will ensure that critical items get repaired. Learn how the State recovers compensation from responsible parties so that taxpayers do not get stuck with the bill


APB 083 Coding Your Crash Reports

Part 7 of 12: The accurate coding of the MV104A assists analysts in identifying problems with roadways, signals and more.


APB 082 Pedestrian and Bicycle Crashes

Part 6 of 12: Bicyclists and pedestrians comprise a large number of traffic fatalities. Police crash reports are critical in developing countermeasures to help save lives.)


APB 081 Commercial Vehicle Crashes MV104S

Part 5 of 12: Special concerns about commercial vehicles and the MV104S, Truck and Bus Supplement


APB 080 Left Turn and Right Angle Crashes

Part 4 of 12: Engineers describe the difference, and the importance of distinguishing a left turn crash from a right angle crash


APB 079 Crash Reports and TRaCs

Part 3 of 12: TRaCs provides an Incident Location and Diagramming Tool – learn about these tools and more.


APB 078 Location, Location, Location

Part 2 of 12: The accuracy of police reports can help remedy traffic problems, identify problem vehicles and habitual offenders.


APB 077 The Value of Police Crash Reports

Part 1 of 12: Police crash reports (MV-104A) play a key role in many parts of transportation planning and safety.


APB 076 Children of Incarcerated Parents

An interview with Kathleen DeCataldo, Esq. about a form that incarcerated parents can use to designate a caregiver for their children; information on other resources for police.


APB 075 Realignment

Mark Spawn interviews Arielle Bernstein about the concept of realignment.


APB 074 Fight Crime: Invest in Kids NY

Learn about Fight Crime: Invest in Kids NY as Mark Spawn interviews Dep. Director Arielle Bernstein.


APB 073 Impaired Driver Enforcement Resource Cards

The Association has a STOP DWI Resource Card available to assist our NY law enforcement agencies with Impaired Driver enforcement.


APB 068 Sex Offender Registration Changes

law enforcement may now release exact street addresses for Level 2 offenders; persons convicted of attempted unlawful surveillance are subject to registration


APB 065 Domestic Violence: An interview with Michael Coker

An interview with Sgt. Michael Coker (Portsmouth VA PD/Retired) about stalking, dual arrests and other DV issues.


APB 064 Graduated Driver Licenses

An overview of New York’s graduated licensing law, including recent changes to the general and regional restrictions.


APB 063 Police and Peace Officer Registry

Learn about the merger of the police and peace officer registries, and other changes, including on-line updates.


APB 062 Online Breath Analysis Operator Recertification

Learn how to get your Breath Analysis Operator recertification on-line.


APB 058 Juvenile Arrests

Helpful hints to ensure that fingerprints for juvenile arrests are recorded accurately.


APB 057 Arrest Charges for Hate Crimes, Sexually Motivated Felonies and Crimes of Terrorism

Be sure you are entering the proper arrest charges for aggravating factors involving hate crimes, sexually motivated felonies, and crimes of terrorism.


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