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APB Podcast

New York Chiefs APB Podcast: All Points Bulletin
Title Date

APB 110 Use of Force

Part of a series - use of force.


APB 109 Building Searches

Part of a series - building searches.


APB 108 Foot Pursuits

Part of a series - foot pursuits.


APB 107 Off Duty Arrests

Part of a series - off duty arrests.


APB 106 Executing Warrants

Part of a series - executing warrants.


APB 105 Arrest Situations

Part of a series - arrest situations.


APB 104 Motor Vehicle Stops

Part of a series - motor vehicle stops.


APB 103 Police Vehicle Crashes

Part of a series - police vehicle crashes.


APB 102 Body Armor

Part of a series - the value of body armor.


APB 101 Ambushes & Surprise Attacks

Part of a series - Officers at risk of ambushes and surprise attacks.


APB 100 Primary Circumstances of Officer Deaths; Introduction

Part of a series - An overview of the primary causes of police casualties.


APB 097 Communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

From the DOJ law enforcement guide for communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing


APB 096 Disability Awareness for Police - Tips

Ten tips for communicating with people with disabilities


APB 095 Disability Awareness for Police

A special curriculum for first responders for encounters with persons with disabilities.


APB 091 Raising Kids

Police are positioned to recognize situations in which relatives are providing full-time care to children. These families are often faced with legal and economic issues. The Kinship Navigator can help with grant applications, facts sheets and more.


APB 090 Detecting Impaired Motorcyclists

Statistics show that about 27% of motorcycle operators in fatal crashes had a BAC of .08% or more. Detecting impaired operators is critical to saving lives. Learn how to assess the probability of impaired driving by watching for certain cues.


APB 089 Missing College Students

Doug and Mary Lyall talk about their daughter, Suzanne, missing since 1998 from SUNY Albany.


APB 088 Crash Data Creates Real Change

Part 12 of 12: Accounts of how crash data from police crash reports have helped to make meaningful and significant changes


APB 087 Duplicate Records

Part 11 of 12: Erroneous information caused by illegible tickets, transposed names and ID numbers, and fraud result in duplicate driver records. Learn how to avoid these errors.


APB 086 Police-Involved Crashes and Driver Reviews

Part 10 of 12: Driver reviews: Learn how your crash reports can help identify persistent offenders. Police-Involved Crashes: Reporting line of duty crashes during an emergency operation – the MV104L.


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