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APB Podcast

New York Chiefs APB Podcast: All Points Bulletin
Title Date

APB 036 Successful Police-Media Partnerships

A model program in the Syracuse area helps to solve crime - quickly!


APB 035 Syringe Law and Harm Reduction Programs

A review of recent changes in New York law concerning possession of syringes; and an overview of New York's syringe programs


APB 034 Mandated Reporter

Mark Spawn interviews OCFS Counsel Charles Counsel, and CDHS Training Specialist Patrick Tooman about mandated reporting and an innovative online training program


APB 033 Ride For Their Lives



APB 032 Erin Runnion Interview

Mark Spawn speaks with Erin Runnion about the abduction and murder of her 5 year old daughter, Samantha/


APB 031 Leandra's Law

An overview of Leandra's Law for law enforcement - includes Aggravated DWI offenses, mandated reporter responsibilities, and ignition interlock device discussion.


APB 030 Transit Video as an Investigative Tool

Mark Spawn interviews Michael Walsh, Director of Security for the CNY Regional Transportation Authority, about transit videos; Walsh talks about two real-life examples of how transit videos have been used.


APB 029 Human Trafficking

Mark Spawn interviews Andra Ackerman about Human Trafficking investigations and the law APB@nychiefs.org


APB 028 NYS Crime Victims Board

Mark Spawn interviews Tina Stanford of the Crime Victims Board


APB 027 Electronic Recording of Custodial Interviews

Procedures for videotaping interrogations


APB 026 All Crimes DNA

New York seeks to expand DNA collection; examples of cases where DNA could have saved lives.


APB 022 Missing Persons: AMBER Alert Quick Reference

Part of a 5-podcast series on Missing Children and AMBER Alert


APB 021 Missing Persons: AMBER Alert - A Case Example

Mark Spawn interviews Capt. Brad Weidel about the kidnap-for-ransom and the rescue of a young girl through an AMBER Alert


APB 020 Missing Persons: Children Cases

Part of a 5-podcast series on Missing Children and AMBER Alert


APB 019 Missing Persons: AMBER Alert Procedures

Part of a 5-podcast series on Missing Children and AMBER Alert


APB 016 Sex Offender Management Certification Program

Learn about the Association's program for Best Practices in Sex Offender Management.


APB 015 Nighttime Seat Belt Enforcement

Resources for nighttime seat belt enforcement.


APB 013 State Central Register for Child Abuse

Mark Spawn interviews Jeanne Sample of the State Central Register about mandated reports for child abuse.


APB 012 Detecting Impaired Drivers - After The Stop

Tips for detecting impaired drivers after the stop.


APB 011 Detecting Impaired Drivers

Tips for detecting impaired drivers before the stop.


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