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The New York Law Enforcement Handbook is now available for advanced purchase on Blue360° Media’s website. To Pre-order your handbook, visit https://www.blue360media.com/new-york-law-enforcement-handbook-w-lgs-standard-trim-size.html

Blue360°™ Media, the leading information supplier to the law enforcement community, is joining forces with New York State Association of Chiefs of Police to co-publish a line of legal publications customized by New York officers for New York officers. This development provides police officers, police chiefs, sheriffs, training academy instructors, and other members of New York State law enforcement with access not only to state criminal and traffic laws, but also key New York resources that make their jobs easier to accomplish.

Chief John Aresta, president of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, states of the Association’s partnership with Blue360° Media: “We’re excited to bring New York-specific sections to all officers in the state of New York and hope that these publications will become valuable resources to every officer.”

About Blue360° Media

Blue360°™ Media is a leading information supplier to the law enforcement community. Our mission is to help the law enforcement community be more efficient by providing them easy access to the latest laws, rules, and regulations, and by equipping them with the tools to educate and train officers, management, the courts and the community. To learn more, visit us at www.blue360media.com.

Blue 360 Media is a Silver Partner of the New York Sstate Association of Chiefs of Police

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