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Welcome- thank you for registering to be a New York State Association of Chiefs of Police Member! We invite you to read the different types of membership and apply today!

To become an Active Member, you must meet the following requirements:  ARTICLE 11 SECTION 2.

1. Chiefs of police, Commissioners of Police, or Superintendents of Police, when recommended by an active member of the associa¬≠tion: and

2. Assistant and/or Deputy Chiefs of Police, Assistant and/or Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant and/or Deputy Superintendents of Police, Chiefs of Inspectors, Chiefs of Detectives, Assistant and/or Deputy Chief Inspectors, Inspectors, Deputy Inspector, Captain and those of other ranks of  Lieutenant or above who are designated as assistant or Deputy to the Chief, Commissioner, or Superintendent of police or who are designated as a bureau or Division head when recommended by their Chief of Police, Commissioner of Police or Superintendent of Police, provided he is an active member of the association.

3. Sergeants, Lieutenants or above who are designated as com¬≠manding officers of a police department when recommended by an active member of this association.

4. The Chief of Police, Superintendent or Commanding Officer of a Railroad Police Department, charged with the responsibility of investigating violations of law and the arrest of violators of law, within New York State, when recommended by an active member of the association.

5. An agent-in-charge of a Federal Law Enforcement Agency, charged with the responsibility of investigating violations of law and the arrest of violators of the law, assigned to an office in New York State, when recommended by an active member of the association.

    B. Such Active Membership shall continue so long as such public officials shall receive salaries from the public funds or be employed by police departments authorized by law to be maintained. In the event an Active Member becomes unable to continue to meet the qualifications for Active Membership, he shall be transferred to that class of membership for which he qualifies. Any questions concerning appropriate classification of membership shall be referred to and be determined by the Board of Governors.

    C. A further qualification for Active Membership shall be that the applicant is salaried and engaged on a fulltime basis in law enforcement and such applicant shall be a resident of New York State and/or have his office therein. An Active Member who is removed from New York State may elect to become an Associate Member.

    D. Applicants for Active Membership shall require recommendations to the Association, in writing, by a majority of the Membership Committee, as provided by the By-Laws and duly elected by the membership.

    E. Active Membership from a single municipality shall be limited, at all times, to five (5) per cent of the total Active Membership of the Association.

    F. Active Membership holding an elective office and becoming a Retired Active Member during his tenure shall remain in his elected position until the next Conference following his change status to: "Retired Active."


$150.00 per calendar  year
The first period will be Year 2020


5.  A. Retired Active Members will consist of active members in good standing immediately prior to such retirement on pension. Such retired active members shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of active membership not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws herein enacted or hereafter enacted except election to an office of our Association by the Legislative Department, provided that after August 15, 1974, they become a member of the Chiefs Association within one year of the date of their permanent appointment as head of a law enforcement agency, and shall vote for members of the Board of Governors in the zone of their residence.

    B. Applications for Retired Active Membership shall be acted on in accordance with all the provisions of Chapter 1, Section 1 of the By-Laws.

    C. Per the Constitution and By-Laws, Retired Active Members shall be required to pay $25 annual dues.

    D. Retired Active Members shall not be eligible for election to elective Office of the Association and if holding an elective office at the time of  retirement, the term of office shall terminate at the next Conference following change in status to Retired Active.

$25.00 per calendar  year
The first period will be Year 2020

An Associate member of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police encompasses a person of law enforcement but does not qualify as an active member. To become as Associate Member, one must agree and comply with the Constiution and Bylaws of the Association as they pertain to such membership.

This person is part of a law enforcement entitity and a concerned citizens who actively exhibit their support and concern for law enforcement.

$150.00 per calendar  year
The first period will be Year 2020

A Sustaining member of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police is an individual who is actively engaged in law enforcement and demonstrates support and concern to all law enforcement entities.  This individual does not need to have a law enforcement background, instead they must have the best interest of law enforcement officals at all time. 

To become a Sustaining Member, one  must agree and comply with the Constiution and Bylaws of the Association as they pertain to such membership.


$150.00 per calendar  year
The first period will be Year 2020
Thank you for reading about our different membership types. We look forward to working with you in the future!

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