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Conference Description

The New York State Association of Chiefs of Police (NYSACOP) has provided the latest in police executive training, innovation, and procedure since 1901. From the evolution of the traffic signal to the advent of DNA, New York’s law enforcement community has had a voice in the debate and development of the state's justice system for more than 100 years.

NYSACOP's annual training conference has been an institution since the organization's inception, bringing together like-minded leaders representing jurisdictions of all sizes. Representatives from the state’s largest and smallest communities share similar concerns, and our training agenda strives to fill the needs of all members. This year, we will be discussing a variety of issues, including current legal issues, officer-involved shootings, officer safety and wellness, professional development, and more. We are joined by premier exhibitors showcasing the latest in technology, products, and software. These supporters are available to answer your questions about their products and services to make your job easier.

The conference culminates with our formal installation banquet on Wednesday evening. At the banquet, we install new officers and say thank you to those whose terms are ending.



Glen Cove Mansion

This year's conference will be located at the Glen Cove Mansion in Glen Cove, New York.

Please see the registration section below for booking details and the hotel's official website for general information.

Website: www.glencovemansion.com



To register for the 2018 NYSACOP Annual Training Conference, please use the registration link below. Be sure to select the most appropriate registrant type!

Event Registration

During the registration process, you will have an opportunity to sign up for multiple conference events, including a New York City dinner cruise around Manhattan, a clam bake, a casino night, a 9/11 Museum tour, a live music event featuring Rich Mahogany, and the Wednesday evening formal reception and installation banquet. Be sure to select the events that you would like to participate in when you are registering!

Hotel Booking

Hotel booking information is provided during the registration process, including a link to NYSACOP's customized hotel booking page through the Glen Cove Mansion's website. NYSACOP highly recommends that you stay at the Glen Cove Mansion and take advantage of the special room rates that are available using the hotel registration link.

Conference Registration Link: https://www.regonline.com/2018nysacopannualtrainingconference

For more information, please contact the NYSACOP office by phone at (518) 355-3371 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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After nearly four decades in law enforcement, Sheriff David Clarke has found innovative ways to serve the public that gives him the freedom to reach millions of Americans with his message, unfiltered by the confines of holding an elected office. In addition to his dedication and focus as the Sheriff of a large metropolitan county, Clarke developed a passion for political commentary. He is fondly referred to as the "People's Sheriff" because he has the natural ability to explain complicated national controversies in a way that everyday people can understand. He is the keynote speaker at countless events across the country, where his audience praises his no-nonsense way of promoting conservative values. He truly enjoys mobilizing everyday Americans to become more politically active and civically engaged.

As President of his new private sector venture, DAC Enterprises, Clarke has ramped up his massive social media activism, including regular communication with his nearly one million followers on Twitter. In 2017, he became Spokesman and Senior Advisor to America First Action, dedicated to supporting the Trump-Pence Administration. Most recently, he is excited to join the Capital Research Center as Chair of the American Law and Culture program where he will tackle the destructive liberal ideology of identity politics.

Sheriff Clarke is a frequent guest commentator for world renowned national news programs on issues such as the reasonable use of force by law enforcement, preserving the Second Amendment, and the complexities of immigration enforcement at the local level. Just one of his interviews, where he sparred with Don Lemon of CNN, has nearly 3.4 million views on Youtube.

In his best-selling book "Cop Under Fire" Sheriff Clarke shares experiences of his childhood and how they shaped his future, as well as articulating his unwavering defense of our nation's police officers in a time when few had the courage to speak out.

For more, follow Sheriff Clarke by visiting DACenterprises.org.




The Sheriff analyzes the preparedness of law enforcement in political protests and riots, and the impact of criminal justice reform in an era that has seen the rise of domestic political extremism including from groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter.


What is the balance between protecting the public and ensuring Constitutional rights? Clarke explores homeland security issues by analyzing the nation’s border security, dissecting criminal investigations, defending Second Amendment rights, and empowering local communities.


Have liberal policies undermined urban communities instead of helping them? Mr. Clarke discusses how decades of failed Democratic policies on public education, the justice system, and welfare have robbed black communities from economic opportunity, undermined the rule of law, and enabled families dependent on government handouts.


How does the left’s hypersensitivity and weaponization of identity politics impact American civil discourse? Urban and black communities continue to vote for Democrats, but have Democratic policies actually helped those communities? And are inner-city communities racially manipulated into voting for the same failed politicians and policies?

2018 NYSACOP Annual Training Conference will take place in Long Island, NY on July 15-18, 2018. 

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